IUFN – the International Urban Food Network – is a research and cooperation hub on sustainable food systems, campaigning for the promotion of city region food systems as a relevant driver for the construction of resilient territories and sustainable cities.

Our work consists in facilitating access of local authorities and decision-makers to the results of international research on this topic.

Launched in 2012 as a non-governmental body, we aim to be a connector mainly between decision-makers and the research community, acting as a Knowledge platform, making relevant and positive information on this topic easily available, a Facilitator, providing technical assistance to local authorities on local food policy design and organizing awareness rising events and last but not least a Think tank with a will of filling the knowledge gaps.



Greg KEEFFE – Why urban food production makes sense and how to make it happen

School of Architecture, Queens University, Belfast, UK



Urban Soil Carbon Water Summit
February 24 & 25, 2015, Los Angeles (United States)
Geographies of food and the 'follow the thing' approach
February 26, 2015, Shefffield (United Kingdom)
Food systems of capital cities
March 2, 2015, United Kingdom

Sustainable food systems assessment from the Buffalo-Niagara region, USA

The Buffalo-Niagara region in New York State (USA) has just released a report entitled Growing Together. It is a sustainable food access and food justice report that was put together using research and stakeholder engagement in order to identify assets and opportunities within the region’s food system.

For more information on the collaborators, go to the Food Systems Planning and Healthy Communities Lab from the University of Buffalo.

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Published on : 25 February 2015

“Food systems need to be more sustainable, inclusive and resilient” – FAO Director-General

At last week’s International Forum on Agriculture and Climate Change, FAO’s Director-General José Graziano da Silva spoke about the need to move towards more sustainable methods of production in order to protect our soils and biodiversity, as well as to address issues relating to climate change and its impacts on the agriculture and our food system as a whole.

Read more about what Graziano da Silva had to say at the conference and what some of the solutions could be.

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Published on : 23 February 2015

Saving our food system – 24 TED Talks

Food Tank has put together a great list of 24 TED Talks featuring a wide variety of solutions to our presently unsustainable food system.

Some of the talks feature experts on urban food systems and urban agriculture, including Carolyn Steel (“How Food Shapes our Cities“), Ron Finley (“A Guerilla Gardener in South Central L.A.“), and Stephan Ritz (“Green Bronx Machine: Growing Our Way into a New Economy“).

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Published on : 20 February 2015

[VIDEO] Opening day of Good Food, Good Farming conference

Highlights from the opening day of the Good Food, Good Farming conference held on 10-11 February in Brussels.

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Published on : 12 February 2015

[AUDIO] Raising Food in the City – CBC interview with Joe Nasr

Listen to an interview from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) with scholar, lecturer, and consultant Joe Nasr on the intersection between urban planning and growing food in the city.

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Published on : 9 February 2015

Dollars & Sense: New study on Southern Ontario’s food system

A new study identifies ways Southern Ontario can make changes to its food system to increase the supply of local food, create jobs, and support healthier lifestyles.

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Published on : 6 February 2015

[VIDEO] “Man in the Maze” – short food systems documentary

Throughout the U.S. borderlands, a diverse group of people come up with innovative solutions to mend our broken food system. Directed by Phil Buccellato and Jesse Ash.

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Published on : 6 February 2015

Call for articles: Rural-urban linkages

Issue 31.2 of Farming Matters (June 2015) will focus on relations between the rural and urban worlds. They are looking for stories on groundbreaking initiatives of how family farmers and citizens collaborate.

Articles should be sent to the editors before 1 March 2015.
Email: info@farmingmatters.org

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Published on : 29 January 2015

The case of Urban Food Systems

Against the backdrop of climate change, cities are facing increasing environmental challenges that threaten the quality of life and opportunities that urban environments can offer to their residents. Urban food systems can provide methods to help cities to tackle low carbon and resource efficiency through integrated sustainable urban regeneration. Read the full article here.

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Published on : 28 January 2015

European public support for local and sustainably produced food

Friends of the Earth Europe asked Europeans about their habits and views in relation to locally produced food. The polling found that Europeans see a lot of benefits to buying locally produced food, but that there are problems which currently make it more difficult. Full opinion poll results and summary briefing available here.

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Published on : 28 January 2015

Call for contributions: Conference on Global Sustainability and Local Foods

The American University of Rome and the American Academy in Rome in collaboration with the Economics, Management and Institutions Department of the University of Naples Federico II and
the Department of Agriculture, Food and Environment, Pisa University under the Patronage of Expo Milano 2015 and the European Society of Rural Sociology will present the conference Global Sustainability and Local Foods.

Location: Rome, The American University of Rome and the American Academy in Rome
Deadlines: Papers: 15 February 2015 // Videos and Posters: 30 May 2015

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Published on : 21 January 2015

Michigan State University Releases Case Study on Food Hub Network

A recently-released case study, published by the Michigan State University Center for Regional Food Systems, chronicles the creation, growth and lessons learned of the two-and-a-half year old Michigan Food Hub Network.

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Published on : 15 January 2015

Washington Selected for USDA Pilot Project for Procurement of Local Produce

Washington was selected as one of 8 states to pilot test having school districts use some of their USDA Foods allocations (federal subsidy) to purchase fruits and vegetables direct from local farmers. This could help balance the financial aspect of the farm-to-school equation.

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Published on : 13 January 2015

Take a few minutes to complete the Global Food Policy Report Survey

The International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) is conducting a global survey on the state of food policy, food and nutrition security, and food production—and they invite you to participate. The results of the survey will appear in the 2014-2015 Global Food Policy Report, which will be published in March 2015. Click here to begin the survey.

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Published on : 8 January 2015

10 Projects Improving Canada’s Food System

The world’s second-largest country boasts an impressive team of chefs, farmers, educators, and activists working to improve its food system. Here are ten making a difference for Canada‘s eaters.

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Published on : 7 January 2015

2015 is the International Year of Soils

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has designated 2015 as the International Year of Soils. Learn more about the importance of soils and especially their impact on our food system here.

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Published on : 5 January 2015

LiveWell for LIFE recommendations for healthy, sustainable food choices

Together with WWF and Friends of Europe, the LiveWell for LIFE project has released its final recommendations for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the EU food supply chain. Central to these recommendations is the demonstration of what a sustainable diet could look like for various European countries.

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Published on : 27 December 2014

The global scale of food production in and around cities

A new study quantifies urban and peri-urban food production spaces across the globe.

For more information: http://wle.cgiar.org/blog/2014/11/13/shining-spotlight-urban-farming/

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Published on : 13 December 2014

Organic farming can feed the world if done right, scientists claim

A recently published study reveals that gap in production yields between organic and conventional farming methods is less than previous thought. Additionally, the study (conducted by researchers from the University of Californiam Berkeley) shows that this gap can be reduced even further by using methods such as crop rotation and/or multi-cropping (growing multiple crops together).

For more information: http://www.independent.co.uk/environment/organic-farming-can-feed-the-world-if-done-right-scientists-claim-9913651.html

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Published on : 12 December 2014

Food Systems Academy

Develop a better understanding of how our food systems work through this online educational tool. Curated by author Geoff Tansey (http://tansey.org.uk/), video and audio lectures focus on many aspects of our food systems including food security, GMOs, and socio-economic issues. This website is in a beta form and encourages feedback from users in order to further develop its capacity.

The Food Systems Academy can be found here: http://www.foodsystemsacademy.org.uk/background.html

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Published on : 11 December 2014