Food is fundamental to all human beings. However, today it remains the weakest link of local authorities’ sustainability policies. The food system cities rely on to ensure their food supply is neither resilient, nor sustainable. As urban food demand grows and increasingly relies on industrial produce, long supply chains and animal proteins-based diets, the food system is now responsible for up to 30% of carbon emissions, and 40% of human environmental footprint (GFN, 2010).

At the same time, by 2050, 80% of the world’s population will live in cities, reaching 7 billions of hungry carnivores to satisfy (FAO, 2011). There is an imperial need to design alternatives to current urban food systems. If cities are our future, then their development will only be made possible if we manage to meet the urban food challenge.

The challenge is huge, the issue complex. Sustainable food systems for cities call for systemic solutions and need a real commitment of local authorities. That is why, IUFN, the International Urban Food Network, is launching the first web-based interactive platform to foster cooperation and help actors come up with solutions towards more sustainable urban food systems – This platform, designed with the kind support of the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation and the Caisse des Dépôts, shall act as a unique place of dialogue between local authorities, the international research community and civil society.

WHAT IS IN FOR YOU IN IUFN’S PLATFORM ? Thanks to its interactive design, you will be able to:

-        ACCESS THE MOST RECENT DATA on sustainable food governance of urban regions. Our unique on-line resource centre will allow you to access up-do-date and relevant research results (reports, case studies, executive summaries, conference                                  proceedings, etc.). It will also be the place to look for innovative initiatives set up by local authorities, NGOs and/or the private sector.

-        GET IN TOUCH WITH YOUR PEERS AND EXPERTS working on the same issue in OECD countries and in Brazil, India, China and Russia. Benefit from a dedicated social network to access expertise from an international expert community, let the others know what you are doing and get advice on your own projects.

-        PARTICIPATE ON THE CO-DESIGN of a more sustainable urban food systems and build your capacity to think systemically and act collaboratively. The platform’s working space will enable you to go further in shaping an alternative urban food system and participate to technical webinars and on-line workshops.


 Who will you find on the platform?

  • local authorities and their networks
  • the international research community (experts from universities or research institutes)
  • local and national decision-makers (policy officers, local elected representatives, etc.)
  • policy officers from international organisations (EU, UNEP, FAO, OECD, …)
  • private sector
  • and NGOs