We are all changemakers!

We keep talking about the transition to a new paradigm, about mutations of our societal model, about transformation of the human condition …

The world definitely needs a change!

But what kind of change do we want exactly? The speed of current developments seems sometimes to take precedence over their content and foreseeable impact, and it became ‘normal’ to first set all up side down first and see next. Where is strategic vision, which sees far and is inclusive and unifying? Where is the vision of resilient territories, both sustainable and vibrant?

It is probably time to slow down. Time to give us the necessary means to think differently our future – build it instead of just expect it. It is probably time to get back to basics and renew the way we organize ourselves in society.

IUFN, since its creation firmly believes that we all, individually and collectively, have the power to change things. Nothing is fixed, anything can happen, anything is possible. In this first month of this new year, we are pleased to offer you a new space for dialogue around what, like many others, we consider the challenge of tomorrow and a fundamental building block of sustainable territories – feeding our cities.

This platform’s aim is twofold. Firstly, facilitate the ‘lecture’ of this landscape in full swing – the one of sustainable urban food systems – by bringing into light both the key players and the relevant data identified internationally. Secondly, we wish to gather and to make work together actors from the research community, local decision-makers committed to sustainable food governance of urban regions, but also businesses, civil society and innovative project developers. Because it is only together, through a shared desire to make our food system more sustainable, that we will find concrete solutions.

“It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, but because we do not dare that they are difficult.”

With Seneca’s optimism, I would like to thank the IUFN team and our international Volunteers who have been fully invested in this strategic and ambitious project. I also would like to address my warm gratitude to our partners – Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation and the Caisse des dépôts, without whom this project would not have become a reality. 

To you, dear future co-designers of sustainable food systems for the cities of tomorrow, I wish on behalf of the whole IUFN team, welcome to YOUR platform!

Marketa Braine-Supkova, President of IUFN