Expo Milano 2015: Feeding the Planet, Energy for life

Unknown“Is it possible to ensure sufficient, good, healthy and sustainable food for all mankind?” This is the question that underpins the challenge of the 2015 Milan Universal Exposition. Taking up the objectives set out by Rio +20 and the United Nations Development Goals, Expo Milano 2015 will address the issues of food safety, security, and quality for sustainable development of the planet.

Expo Milano seeks to be a collaborative Expo where the international community can actively collaborate and discuss on the main challenges facing humanity. These challenges involve not only food production and sustainable behaviors but also the application of advanced technologies and new political visions that will allow us to strike a new and better balance between our resources and our consumption.

In the tradition of previous universal expositions, Expo Milano 2015 aims to uphold the positive spirit of faith in human progress. During 6 months, participating nations, international organizations, businesses and civil society organizations from around the world, will display concrete solutions for ensuring the right to safe, healthy and sufficient food for all, guarantying environmental, social and economic sustainability of the food production chain, and safeguarding the culture of (and taste for) food.

Participants are asked to reflect on the two distinct human activities that characterize the transformation of nature: food consumption and food production. Food consumption refers to any human activity relating to feeding an individual in all its most various forms according to the countries, cultures or religions. Food production refers to all human activities geared to the creation of food and encompasses the technology of entire food production chains.

With a great importance given to dietary education, innovation in the agro-food supply chain, and the relations between food and better lifestyles, or food and culture amongst other themes, urban food challenges are an underlying issue in the Expo. Cities being the main place of food consumption but also a place to innovate in food production, they shall be a central theme in the debate on the future of food.

IUFN’s mission to raise awareness and enhance debate on the importance of food challenges for the sustainable development of our cities meets the goal of Expo Milano. Sharing with the Universal Expo the same faith in human progress and international cooperation, we look forward to the event!

Expo Milano 2015
1st May – 31st October 2015
Milan, Italy
For more information about the event available here.