Join IUFN’s on-line group on Sustainable Food Systems for City-regions on LinkedIN

You have expressed your interest in becoming part of an on-line community on sustainable food governance for city-regions. Come and join today IUFN’s LinkedIN group!

This new on-line tool will give you the possibility to concretely participate in the creation of sustainable solutions for tomorrow’s food systems within a growing international community.

What is the IUFN’s LinkedIN group about? Innovation, innovation, innovation!

We need new ideas, we need new approaches, we need new people! Acting as a participatory on-line think tank, IUFN’s LinkeIN group is a place to share original inputs, news, best practices on the challenges related to this strategic issue.

In the next months, this group will be key in the capitalization of IUFN’s Paris Land for Food international workshop, especially the redaction of the ground report on challenges of land use within food security of urban regions.

The launch of the IUFN’s LinkedIN makes the Supporter status on our website redundant. For that reason, this status will disappear and all our web content will be available directly. IUFN will make sure all your personal data will be destroyed.

Join us at on LinkedIN!