IUFN’s web re-shaping for sunny days

We are happy to announce you that with summer days, IUFN has engaged some profound changes for our website. The goal is twofold. On one hand to provide you even more relevant information on the sustainable food systems for city-regions issue’s progress on international level. On the other hand we are making our best to make the identified contents directly accessible through a more user-friendly design.

In this perspective, new webpages/sections are being currently developed, others are being transformed.

Huge evolution is scheduled for the Key players page that will move towards a Who’s Who of city-regions food systems issue, featuring the key players in the field of research, local authorities pioneers, committed national and international networks.

The Resource centre will also be re-shaped in order to provide a thematic approach of the challenges of sustainable food systems for cities of tomorrow.

Amongst the new sections to be unveiled soon figure:

    • a dedicated section on city-regions food systems concept,
    • a brand new section on IUFN’s ground programs, promoting our research-action work on sustainable food systems for cities challenges in cooperation with partner international institutions,
    • a specific section on how IUFN can help to get you started, how to accompany your progress on this strategic issue.

Benefitting from the flexibility of a web-based platform, we are working hard on all these solutions. You will progressively discover the results. We hope you will enjoy this new offer!

From a more global perspective, you may have noticed, since few days our web is proposing only the English version. As you know, IUFN’s activity is fully based on a voluntary action of a team of ultra-motivated city-regions-food-systems devoted people. In order to be able to make our strategic projects move forward (while they keep multiplying) and to assure the website community management properly, we had to make a choice. We decided then to put the French version of our web on stand-by for the moment. It will be re-developed later on, when our human and financial resources are stable. We would like to thank especially our French visitors for their comprehension.

All our Supporters are invited to join IUFN’s newly launched LinkedIn group on Sustainable food systems for City-regions. From now on, your wish to be part of an international community is fulfilled through the LinkedIN dedicated group and on, your access to all contents is easy and direct without login!

We are looking forward to be presenting you the new designs soon!

IUFN’s Team