Climate change and sustainable food systems – COP20

The 20th annual Conference of Parties (COP) came to a close last week in Lima, Peru, and conference delegates discussed and debated the elements of a global treaty that will address combating climate change and how to deal with its ill effects. This treaty is anticipated to be finalized and signed at next year’s conference in Paris, France (COP21).

A number of side events addressed the topic of our current food system and how they will be affected by climate change. The issues raised were not only related to agricultural production, but also to food security, economics, and the need for strengthening and increasing collaborations between stakeholders.

To read more about some of the outcomes from these side events and the discussions surrounding sustainable food systems, please see the following articles:

Additionally, the CGIAR research program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security has updated their document Six issues facing global climate change and food security to reflect key actions needed post-COP20.

In the perspective of the International conference on climate change COP21 to be held in Paris in December 2015, IUFN (International Urban Food Network) is working on a collaborative international advocacy project highlighting the strategic links between food systems, urbanisation and climate change.