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MAPPING City Region Food Systems KEY PLAYERS – Are you in?


IUFN  - CRFS key players campaignThe IUFN – Sustainable Food Systems for Urban Regions – an international research and cooperation hub, campaigning for the promotion of city region food systems as drivers for the construction of resilient territories and sustainable cities. We aim to be a connector mainly between decision-makers and the research community, acting as a Knowledge platform, making relevant and positive information on this topic easily available, a Facilitator, providing technical assistance to local authorities on local food policy design and organizing awareness rising events and last but not least a Think tank with a will of filling the knowledge gaps where necessary.

This is a call for participation to help us identify important actors of city region food systems internationally through a new interactive mapping tool – CITY REGION FOOD SYSTEMS KEY PLAYERS. In order to cover the greatest number of actors, we need your help!

TELL US ABOUT YOUR WORK in the field, about how YOU concretely contribute to sustainable food systems for city regions’ development.

RECOMMEND A KEY PLAYER you work with or one you would like to work with in the future. HELP US IDENTIFY CRFS CHANGEMAKERS! Those who inspire you, those who help you understand and finally those who assist you in engaging concrete action (local food policy, research projects, tools, etc.).

IT IS SIMPLE ! Fill in this form, or email Rebecca at

Share this info with your network !

Your contribution will make your profile accessible for project and cooperation proposals. Also, it will help us monitor the growth of the sustainable city region food systems community and make this valuable information accessible to all.

Thank you in advance!