IUFN’s City region food systems Caravan Milan 2015 is up and running!

From the 1st of May to the 31st of October 2015, next World Expo – Feeding the planet, energy for life – will take place in Milan, Italy. This global event will gather for six months policy makers as well as the general public on the issue of sustainable food systems.

In this perspective, from  March 2015, till October 2015, IUFN invites you to a series of open forums in European cities to help the territories to build a coherent and sustainable local food policy – the City Region Food System (CRFS) Caravan Milan 2015. The CRFS Caravan Milan 2015 will start in Milan, then cross France with City of Lille/Nord Pas de Calais Region, City of Bordeaux/Aquitaine Region, City of Nantes/Pays de la Loire Region, City of Paris/Ile-de-France Region, then England with the City of Bristol and ending up again in Italy, for the final meeting during the 2015 World Expo in Milan in October 2015.

These festive and solutions-oriented one-day events, aim at:

  • awareness raising of the positive potential of city region food systems through a friendly event designed for local people
  • initiating of new spaces of dialogue, in order to foster territorial innovation and involve citizens in the topic of city region/local food systems
  • providing a unique opportunity for the hosting local authority to seize the interest of its people for sustainable food issue

Indeed, with increasing population, identify a sustainable food system to feed the cities and territories in a balanced urban-rural nexus, becomes an emergency. Innovative initiatives are growing worldwide. They represent the strength of a positive transition we need. Today, these initiatives challenge local, national and international decision makers on the future of our food system. The local authorities – ‘catalysts’ and  ‘connectors’ of a whole set of local policies play a fundamental role in this endeavour.

Check the program of the CRFS Caravan next stop in the City of Bordeaux (France) !

Download the IUFN’s City Region Food Systems Caravan Milan 2015 brochure.

Download IUFN’s One pager to get more info on what we do for City region food systems.