COP21 climate change urban food initiative

IUFN/ FNH/ UNEP towards COP21 – Launching the CLIMATE CHANGE URBAN FOOD Initiative

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FOOD SYSTEM - The way we eat greatly contributes to climate change. URBANIZATION - Over the world, more and more people live in cities. CLIMATE CHANGE - A changing climate will impact on the availability, the accessibility and the quality of food in urban areas.


IT IS TIME TO ACT ! As part of the COP21 international conference’ program, IUFN, FNH Fondation Nicolas Hulot and UNEP are launching the CLIMATE CHANGE URBAN FOOD Initiative.



Designed to inform policy discussions in the lead-up to COP21, this initiative will highlight the strategic links between SUSTAINABLE FOOD, SUSTAINABLE URBAN DEVELOPMENT and CLIMATE CHANGE and showcase successful mechanisms and approaches to respond to the challenges of achieving sustainable urban food systems in a changing climate.


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