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TOWNS AND ECOLOGICAL TRANSITION – Did you say climate change?

Leading up to the COP21 Paris conference, on September 24th and 25th 2015 will take place in Budapest, Hungary the 8th Congress of European Small Cities. As part of the two days program, a specific focus on climate change mitigation and adaptation will be provided through the ‘Towns and ecological transition’ conference, held by the Institut français of Budapest.

IUFN is very happy to support this timely event. Marketa Braine-Supkova, IUFN’s Founder and Executive director will share with the participants the concept of a city region food system as a potential path towards climate change mitigation, and will stress the strategic links in between sustainable food, climate change and urban development.

The opening session will feature the Ambassador of France, Mr Jeno Schmidt, président of TOOSZ and Antoine Home, president of Initiatives France Hongrie (INFH).

A very inspiring program is reserved for the participants, providing a special session on the energy transition in Europe and giving the flore to some innovative local initiatives, led by local municipalities on climate change mitigation. Another session w ill focus on the issues of energy independence, energy production in decentralized projects coming from civil society and the private sector.

The event is held with the support of Confédération des Petites Villes et Municipalités de l’Union Européenne and in cooperation with the following networks of cities : Deutscher Städte und Gemeindebund (DStGB) Germany, Association des Petites Villes de France (APVF) France, Telepulesi  Onkormanyzatok Orzagos Szovetsege (TOOSZ) Hungary, Associazione Nazionale die Comuni Italiani (ANCI) Italy, Asociatia Oraselor din Romania (AOR) Romania and Zdruzenie Miest a Obci Slovenska (ZMOS) Slovakia.

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