Milan Expo 2015

Milan Urban Food Policy Pact to be signed as Milan EXPO 2015 legacy

Milan-Urban-Food-Policy-PactOn 15th October the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact will be signed with an official ceremony. Milan Urban Food Policy Pact is an international protocol for the development of food systems based on the principles of sustainability and social justice. On 16th October the document will be presented to Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations.

The document is the result of the work of participating cities and the coordination of the Technical Team, a panel of prominent experts with a strong track record in food-related issues and international experience.

At the signing ceremony will take part Mayors and delegations from the participating cities and representatives of International Organizations. Here is the list of the cities involved in the development of the Pact. In France, the City of Bordeaux, the City of Nantes Métropole, the city of Grenoble, the city of Marseille, the city of Montpellier, the city of Lyon, the city of Paris and the district of Gironde (Aquitaine region) are being part of the Urban Food Policy Pact.

The event will begin at 14:30 at Palazzo Reale, with an introduction by:

  • Giuliano Pisapia, Mayor of the City of Milan
  • Giuseppe Guzzetti, President of Fondazione Cariplo

Moderator: Paolo Magri, Executive Vice President of Italian Institute for International Political Studies (ISPI )

At 14:45  Keynote addresses:

  • Video Message from His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales
  • Oliver de Schutter, Co-chair of the International Panel of Experts on Sustainable Food Systems and former UN Special Rapporteur on the right to food (2008-2014)
  • Tim Lang, Professor of Food Policy at City University London

At 15:10 “Milan Urban Food Policy Pact: Local Solutions for Global Issues”:

  • Ada Colau, Mayor of Barcelona
  • Khalifa Sall, Mayor of Dakar
  • Sergey Sobyanin, Mayor of Moscow
  • Ahamed Jamaldeen Mohamed Muzammil, Mayor
    of Colombo

At 15:40 the Signing Ceremony of the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact will begin. Keynote addresses by:

  • José Graziano Da Silva, FAO Director-General
  • Markku Markkula –  President of EU Committee of the Regions
  • Maurizio Martina – Minister for Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policies of Italy
  • Piero Fassino – Mayor of Turin, President of the Association of Italian Municipalities

Giuliano Pisapia-Mayor of Milan introduces the signature of the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact by Mayors and City Officials.

At 16:30 Mayors debate:

  • statements by mayors and cities representatives.

At 18:30 Keynotes  addresses by:

  • Neven Mimica – EU Commissioner for International Cooperation & Development
  • Vytenis Andriukaitis – EU Commissioner for Health and Food Safety
  • Ann Tutwiler –  President of Bioversity International
  • Carlo Petrini – President of Slow Food International

19:15 Conclusions

Click here to download the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact Summit Program: MUFPP_Program


The Milan Urban Food Policy Pact is going to be one of the most important legacies of Expo 2015. Milan is advocating an international protocol, engaging the largest number of world cities for the development of food systems, based on the principles of sustainability and social justice. This commitment for the coordination of international food policies will be subscribed by Mayors on the occasion of a major event during our Universal Exposition, dedicated to two of the most severe emergencies of the third millennium: food security and sustainable development.

The Pact is also an instrument of foreign politics for Milan, starting from the international networks our city is already member of: from its many  prominent sister cities to the C40 – Climate Leadership Group, the 69 large world cities committed to the fight against climate change. It was on the occasion of the C40 Summit in Johannesburg last autumn that Mayor Pisapia launched the proposal for a  Pact on urban food policies to his counterparts attending the meeting, to be signed during Expo 2015. In recent months, the “diplomats of the cities” have been collaborating with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the European Union and the United Nations, in order to engage the largest number of urban realities. The path towards the Pact is proceeding swiftly.

The activities started in September 2014, when Milan and over 30 cities from every continent began to exchange views to define the contents of the Pact through video-conferences (webinars).

The results of this work were discussed at a meeting in London in February 2015, on which occasion standards and indicators to be included in the protocol have also been debated. The Pact will be eventually signed in October, at the end of Expo, on occasion of the World Food Day, with an official ceremony attended by the largest number of Mayors.

The overall procedure is enjoying the guidance of an Advisory Group formed by many leading international organizations contributing to a more sustainable, healthy and just future for the entire planet. By taking part to the process, these organizations provide their valuable support in reviewing the process and aligning it consistently with the other relevant international initiatives. For the coordination of the project, moreover, Milan has put together the Technical Team – a panel of prominent experts with a strong track record in food-related issues and international experience.

If you want to find out something more on the initiatives of the participating cities, have a look at our Facebook Page Food Policy Milano or at our Twitter Profile @FoodPolicyMI.