CEMR Congress – Designing a local food strategy progress-monitoring tool – IUFN-URBACT-CEMR workshop April 22 2016, Cyprus

As one of the most important legacies of the Milan Expo 2015, the Urban Food Policy Pact of Milan (UFPP) has been launched and officially signed by more than 100 cities from across the world in October 2015. It represents a fundamental step towards sustainable food systems for city regions, inviting local authorities to take concrete action. Measuring the concrete impact of these actions will help building the case for “city region” food systems as a relevant driver for more resilient territories.

In this perspective and in partnership with the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR) and URBACT, IUFN is leading a Sustainable food in urban communities workshop on April 22nd 2016. This workshop is part of the 3 days program of the CEMR bisanual congress A Local and Regional Vision of Europe 2030 in Nicosia, Cyprus, gathering more than 600 european local authorities.

Presenting different city stories on local food policies and action plans across Europe, this workshop will explore how cities can better plan or deliver their local action on food starting from a basic diagnosis stage using the CRFSWatch Barometer (City Region Food Systems Barometer).

The CRFSWatch Barometer is a qualitative process-indicators based tool for local authorities who wish to start working on the food issue as part of their local sustainability. It is a progress monitoring mechanism covering the 6 thematic areas of the Uban Food Policy Pact of Milan developed by IUFN and the Council of European Municipalities and Regions The session’s goal is to associate European local authorities attending the CEMR Congress to the co-desing of the CRFSWach Barometer and to collect their qualitative feedback during a world café style workshop facilitated by IUFN.

Invited speakers:

  • Anne de Feijter, City of Amersfoort, involved in the Sustainable food in Urban Communities network
  • Sara Jervfors, City of Sodertalje, involved in the Diet for Green Planet network
  • Thierry Giordano, Local Governments and Food Security Expert – Partnerships, Advocacy and Capacity Development Division (OPC), FAO (tbc)
  • Jenny Koutsomarkou, Partnership Officer, URBACT
  • Julie Delcroix-Doudun, Project Officer, Reference Framework for Sustainable Cities, CEMR

Facilitation : Marketa Braine-Supkova, Founder and director of IUFN

What shall be the local authority’s check-list to start thinking about local food? Share your point of view! Send us your input 

For more information on the CRFSWatch Barometer, please contact our team.