Sirsi, India

With more than 66% of the world’s population living in cities by 2050, guaranteeing food supply within the limits of available natural resources is one of the biggest challenges of our world.

Recognizing the need for raising international awareness regarding sustainable urban food systems by means of participatory mechanisms of food governance; acknowledging severe gaps in the cooperation between local authorities, decision-makers, the agro-food business sector and the international research community on the topic of sustainable urban food systems, IUFN was launched and established as a non-governmental body (NGO) in December 2012, during the HUNGRY CITY, Feeding the city of tomorrow international conference at Ile-de-France Regional Council in Paris (France).IUFN believes in the power of local action and the lead/change-driving by example.

IUFN also believes that local action shall be supported by national or local committed actors such as national networks on sustainable food for cities. These actors benefit from an in-depth knowledge of their territory, of the history of the food policy development, of existing blocking and/org facilitating factors and are familiar with the web of key players they need to cope with locally. In this respect, IUFN’s mission is then to help creating a facilitated framework on national and international level in order to facilitate work of these actors.

Sirsi, India


IUFN focuses on ALTERNATIVE FOOD SYSTEMS aiming to ensure urban populations’ food security and campaigns for the promotion of CITY REGION FOOD SYSTEMS approach as a relevant driver for the construction of RESILIENT TERRITORIES AND SUSTAINABLE CITIES, particularly in OECD countries and in Brazil, India, China and Russia.

TO GET TO KNOW US BETTER, please download IUFN’s Presentation in EnglishBrochure de présentation d’IUFN en français.


See our Activity report 2014 / Rapport d’activité 2014.


> Following developments in urban food systems research, policy and initiatives and monitoring progress towards more sustainable food systems for city regions.

> Raising awareness of the potential of city region food systems as a new territorial development paradigm when tacking environmental, social and economic challenges.



> Providing advice and technical assistance on local food policy design.

> Facilitating knowledge diffusion and transfer.



> Enhancing innovation and supporting decision-making through the production of a wide range of studies and state-of-the-art cross-disciplinary knowledge.



Sirsi, India


IUFN is governed by a Board of Directors composed of an Executive Board – President and Treasurer – and of 3 Administrators. The Strategic Advisory Board is a guarantee of the objectivity and the relevance of the strategic choices proposed by IUFN’s Board of Directors. It is an advisory body that works alongside the Board of Directors. It is composed of French and international experts with a variety of backgrounds, thus reflecting the multidisciplinary nature of food governance. The Board of Directors relies on an Operational team. Today, IUFN’s work is hugely based on a team of International volunteers, willing to dedicate their time to the development and the promotion of the city region food system’s transformational potential.