IUFN is a French non-profit organization subject to French law (“Loi 1901″). It is governed by a Board of Directors composed of an Executive Board – President, a Secretary general and a Treasurer – and of 3 Administrators. The Strategic Advisory Board is a guarantee of the objectivity and the relevance of the strategic choices proposed by IUFN’s Board of Directors. It is an advisory body that works alongside the Board of Directors. It is composed of French and international experts with a variety of backgrounds, thus reflecting the multidisciplinary nature of food governance. The Board of Directors relies on an Executive team with a team of International volunteers. 




Secretary General / Treasurer
Marie-Pierre MARTINET



Lauren BAKER, Toronto Food Policy Council (Canada)
Gilles TRYSTRAM, AgroParisTech/INRA (France)
Dirk WASCHER, Wageningen UR (The Netherlands)



  • Gilles BILLEN, CNRS (France)
  • Elena DI BELLA, Province de Turin (Italy)
  • Marielle DUBBELING, RUAF Foundation (The Netherlands)
  • Florence EGAL, Independent expert, former Co-Chair of FAO Food for Cities
  • Harriet FRIEDMANN, University of Toronto (Canada)
  • Marc DE FERRIERE LE VAYER, Chaire Unesco Sauvegarde et valorisation des patrimoines culturels alimentaires, IEHCA (France)
  • José Enrique GARCILAZO, OCDE
  • Robert LION, AgriSud International (France)
  • Vincent RENARD, CNRS, Iddri/ Sciences Po (France)
  • Dr R. RUKMANI, Fondation S M Swaminathan Research Foundation (India)
  • Saskia SASSEN, University of Columbia (USA)
  • Roberta SONNINO, University of Cardiff (UK)
  • Kibe MUIGAI, UN-Habitat
  • Jean-Pierre WILLIOT, Université François Rabelais de Tours, IEHCA (France)


Founder and Executive director

Project manager

International Volunteers








  • Marketa BRAINE-SUPKOVA, Founder and Executive Director : After 3 years at WWF-France successively serving Communication department, auditing Environmental Awareness Campaigns of the NGO on behalf of Director General, then serving the CSR department, I decided to leave the NGO in order to dig a topic that I felt essential to the transition of our society towards more sustainability – food supply of cities. Combining two huge challenges of our time – urbanization and food security of a growing world’s population, this exciting issue was the basis for the creation firstly of a consulting agency UrbanFoodLab and covering of exciting missions for INRA, ADEME, INSERM, MAAF-DGAL, on food waste or carbon footprint of diets etc. Launching IUFN, an NGO designed to serve as an information hub linking the two issues and making out of local authorities the engines of the necessary change in territorial development paradigm, was obvious. Today, I am delighted to work with an extraordinary team to make IUFN become day by day the urban food systems change-maker.
  • Anna FAUCHER, Project manager: Having graduated with a Master’s degree in International Cooperation at the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Bordeaux and with a specialized Master in Innovations and Policies for a Sustainable Food System at Montpellier SupAgro, Institut des Régions Chaudes, I am particularly interested in food security and agricultural policies. Given the demographic context and the phenomenon of urbanization, anticipating food autonomy in cities is one of the big challenges of tomorrow. Working with the IUFN is an opportunity to innovate in public policies, introducing new processes in cities and regions on a dynamic and flexible scale that allows debate and alternative visions.



  • Robert GUNDLACH, IUFN International Volunteer (Germany). “As a graduate in the Master programme Environmental Governance (University of Freiburg) and with a Bachelor in Geography (University of Dresden), I am interested in how institutions can be influenced to change “the rules of the game” that shape our cities and subsequently, their impact on the environment. In this regard, I think sustainable urban food systems are especially important given the latent energy our food represents along the value chain. Internships at UNEP and CIRAD as well as a research project in Thailand gave me an idea on how this can be done. With my work at IUFN I am looking forward to help provoking a change in local politics and engage innovative entrepreneurs.”
  • Eléonore FRANCOISIUFN International Volunteer (Germany) “Having graduated with a Master’s degree in International Cooperation in Urban Development (Technische Universität Darmstadt), I am particularly interested in the relationship between food systems and social justice in cities, and in the issue of scaling up alternative food initiatives. Working with IUFN gives me the opportunity to help bridge research and the actions of local governments, and to help make sustainable food policies become a reality.”
  • Laura HENDRIKX, IUFN International Volunteer (France)
  • Lucie MERANDON, IUFN International Volunteer (France)
  • Rebecca LAYCOCK, IUFN International Volunteer (UK). “I am a PhD student and Sustainability Project Officer at Keele University in the UK where I’m focusing my research on using participatory methods to measure and improve the sustainability of community gardens. I am helping the IUFN to map the Key Players in sustainable city-region food systems”.
  • Louis LEDO, IUFN International Volunteer (France)
  • Cristiana LUCENTINI, IUFN International Volunteer (Italy)
  • Mathilda OXANDABURU, IUFN International Volunteer (France)

IUFN regularly recruits student interns to support the implementation of specific projects. For more information, please visit our Human Resources page.