shutterstock_134817221 - copieTechnical support on local food policy design for in Nord-Pas de Calais region (France)

The Nord-Pas de Calais (NPDC) region is the first French region to have designated food governance as one of the main strategic elements for its regional development. The main objectives are to facilitate access to quality food for all and to build up locally a more sustainable food system. In 2013, the region created a mechanism for citizen’s participation as part of a regional policy for participative democracy in order to involve citizens in the definition of regional policies. IUFN was asked by the NPDC region to support the process as one of the four experts of the Special Commission on Public Debate.

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Designing local food policy governance scheme  in Aquitaine  region (France)

This mission was launched in December 2014 and will mainly take place in 2015.

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01_Cover_Logo_1280x400_OK City Region Food System Caravan – Milan 2015

From the 1st of May to the 31st of October 2015, next World Expo – Feeding the planet, energy for life – will take place in Milan (Italy). This global event will gather for six months policy makers as well as the general public on the issue of sustainable food systems.

In this perspective, IUFN – International Urban Food Network – offers to organise in a selection of European cities a series of festive and solutions-oriented one-day events, aiming at raising awareness of the positive potential of city region food systems (CRFS) approach among policy makers and the local population – the CRFS Caravan Milan 2015.

All citizens of the cities/urban regions welcoming the CRFS Caravan  Milan 2015 (general public of any age, professionals from the food industry, producers, elected representatives, experts, scholars, researchers, etc.) will be called up and invited to join the event.

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Land for food IUFN's workshop April 24-25th 2014, Paris (France) © IUFN/Julien Béchat

SPECIAL SESSION (VHL)/IUFN Designing a Food Planning Tool at AESOP 6th INTENRNATIONAL CONFERENCE Finding spaces for productive cities

November 7th, 2014, Leeurwarden, The Netherlands

Set as a participatory two-hour workshop, the special session was an opportunity to have a quick dive into the world of planning tools with food in mind. After the inspiring introductory words of Arnold Van de Valk, researcher at Wageningen UR/AESOP, the participants were invited to think outside the box and identify the underlying questions and challenges when thinking about a food planning tool.

The workshop synthesis is available here.

Provisional program LAND FOR FOOD IUFN  April 24-25th 2014Land for Food, Land use and sustainable food governance of city regions, IUFN’s 2nd INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE (2014)

April 24th-25th 2014, Paris (France) – UNESCO  HQ and AgroParisTech

Gathering more than 180 people over 2 days, the LAND FOF FOOD – Land use & Sustainable Food Governance of City-regions conference objective was to take participants off the beaten tracks, to open their minds to new perspectives, to new collaborations, and to create a space to imagine together the solutions to preserve urban food land.

The first afternoon (24th April, 2014) at AgroParisTech was dedicated to an Open Forum that gathered 15 discussion groups around a red-line question: “What new questions, new perspectives and what new links around land can we imagine together in order to sustainably feed our cities?”.

The second day, on the 25th of April, took place at the UNESCO headquarters. It featured 11 co-design workshops addressing particular challenges of this complex question, featuring invited expert speakers.

Read more on this conference here.

HUNGRY CITY IUFN 2012Hungry City, Feeding the city of tomorrow IUFN’s inaugural INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE (2012)

December 5-6th 2012, Paris (France) – Conseil Régional Ile-de-France (Regional council Ile-de-France)

The HUNGRY CITY, Feeding the city of tomorrow inaugural conference gathered more than 200 people coming from all over the world (Germany, Canada, Denmark, Spain, Italy, UK, USA, …). For the first time, experts and policy makers shared experiences and thoughts on the emerging challenge that feeding the cities of tomorrow represents. The speakers invited by IUFN, experts in their field, were able to convey the complexity of the issue, but also to describe a possible way forward.

Held under the patronage of Mr. Stéphane LE FOLL, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry and the Senator Joel LABBE, Vice-President of the Economic Commission of the Senate and in partnership with the Caisse des Depots, the CERVIA, the Regional Council of Île-de-France, IDDRI and the Ministry of Environment, Sustainable development and Energy, HUNGRY CITY also received the support of some of the main research institutions and academics as well as french and international local authorities and networks – AgroParisTech, City of Paris, IAU Île-de-France, ICLEI and INRA. It was organized with the support of Basta! magazine and Greenopie.

The sustainable development of cities and their people’s food security are some of the fundamental issues of our society. The effectiveness of their treatment will depend on our will and ability to deal with both topics at the same time, despite the complexity of their interactions.

IUFN was officially launched during the cocktail of the 6th of December 2012. It is designed to help cities to tackle this strategic and crucial issue, hand in hand with the research community and innovative project bearers. In this sense it represents the beginning of a real human adventure and an ambitious effort: that of imagining sustainable food systems for the cities of tomorrow.

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