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IUFN – the International Urban Food Network – is a research and cooperation hub on sustainable food systems of city-regions campaigning for the promotion of city-regions food systems as a relevant driver for the construction of resilient territories and sustainable cities. It aims to facilitate access of public decision-makers to the results of international research on this topic. IUFN’s position as a connector between decision-makers and the research community, convening researchers, cities, and civil society simultaneously to further the agenda, aims at bringing around the table new stakeholders in a bottom-up, multi-level governance approach.

IUFN believes in the power of local action and the lead/change-driving by example. IUFN also believes that local action shall be supported by national or local committed actors such as national networks on sustainable food for cities. These actors benefit from an in-depth knowledge of their territory, of the history of the food policy development, of existing blocking and/org facilitating factors and are familiar with the web of key players they need to cope with locally. In this respect, IUFN’s mission is then to help creating a facilitated framework for national and local committed actors to move forward on at sustainable food systems for city-regions concrete action. IUFN is essentially focusing at local authorities and the research community in industrialized countries and those of Brazil, India, Russia and China.

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