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It is designed to provide you with the results of the international research and other relevant resources on this topic - most inspiring open source Publications such as research articles, reports and research synthesis or Videos of interviews with international experts and project bearers. The Key players section helps you identify fellow food system changemakers in your country and around the world. The Basics section provides you with a selection of the must-read documents, to help you master some of the structural challenges of sustainable food systems for city regions.

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This section helps you find relevant resources while searching per food chain phase. Food system icon is proposing a systemic vision, covering all the other phases of a food chain – production, processing, distribution, consumption and waste management. The graphic on the left is an simplified presentation of a city-region food system concept. City-region food system can be defined as a combined approach of sustainable cities and food systems. It includes all the phases of the current food system and is not isolated from regional and global supply chains.

From spatial perspective, city-region is a given geographical region that includes one main or smaller urban centres and the surrounding peri-urban and rural areas that exchange people, goods and services across the urban-rural continuum. The objective is to strengthen the food resilience and nutrition security at the city-region level through the progressive realization of all citizens’ right to food. (Definition proposed by Global partnership on CRFS core-group organizations, Rome 2013).