IUFN acts as a positive change-driver, as a stimulating agency, promoting the transformational potential of alternative food systems for cities. Our position as a connector between decision-makers and the research community, convening experts, cities, and civil society, helps in defining local food policies as a territorial added value for more resilience and global sustainability.

IUFN’s action relies globally on two complementary fields: The management of a dedicated online open source knowledge platform on sustainable food systems for city-regions ( and Innovative and cross-disciplinary knowledge generation. IUFN also provides a series of services for actors in the field. This section provides a quick overview of these services that IUFN can offer you.

If you are a local authority, city-network, research institution, NGO, or enterprise, willing to better understand underlying challenges and opportunities of alternative food systems for cities, if you want to join an international dynamics around food for cities issue or you simply want to deepen your comprehension of local food policies’ positive power : Check below how we can help, or reach us at! Download Our services IUFN 2014.

Land for food IUFN's workshop April 24-25th 2014, Paris (France) © IUFN/Julien Béchat


Starting from scratch, IUFN helps raising awareness on the fundamental challenges of our current conventional food system and on the major role local authorities play in the definition of a more sustainable future for food. 

                    • Stakeholders mobilization
                    • Conferences and Short kick-off lectures
                    • Cross-disciplinary workshops (possible also on-line via webinar)
                    • Thematic focuses (possible also on-line via webinar)
                    • Lecture series featuring international experts/researchers and practitioners

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Land for food IUFN's workshop April 24-25th 2014, Paris (France) © IUFN/Julien BéchatKNOWLEDGE & SOLUTIONS CO-DESIGN

IUFN facilitates innovation and interdisciplinary knowledge production on sustainable food systems for cities as a support for city administrators, national and international decision-makers. 

                    • Thematic studies, reports, briefs
                    • Sectorial co-design workshops
                    • Cross-disciplinary co-design workshops

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IUFN proposes the conception and the facilitation of international cross-disciplinary events bringing together a large scope of actors around the challenges of sustainable food systems for cities, helping to create new food links. 

                    • Eat in – convivial, impact driven, local food-centred festive events designed for building a sense of community around the transformational power of local food systems
                    • 3D – three-day participatory event with an Open forum for the general public, a dedicated time for a more expert audience and Local elected representatives workshops designed to help local authorities to kick off their own local food strategy
                    • Open forum – creative interactive cross-sectoral meetings designed to gather points of view of the local community on the potential of launching local food policy or on a specific alternative food systems challenge
                    • International conferences – designed to provide an international update on best practices, on pioneer local authorities’ action on local food policies and more globally on the progress of this issue in IUFN’s focus countries (OECD countries and BRICs).

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shutterstock_177317231 diminuéGOING INTERNATIONAL

IUFN promotes innovative processes and initiatives on the international level in order to help these surpass national frontiers and become an inspirational resource on a global level. 

                    • National initiatives/good practices/networks promotion on international level
                    • Peer to peer exchange international meetings
                    • Reports and fact sheets promoting national initiative to be diffused on international level

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