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Programmes IUFN

As an international think tank, IUFN collaborates with a number of international and national organizations for the development of sustainable city-region food systems. In this perspective, IUFN’s ground programs are intended to support from one to a multi-year research-action sessions on the challenges of the re-regionalisation of our food system.

In order to guarantee a cross-disciplinary approach, the ground programs are designed in cooperation with a partner research institution working on an international level. Its field of expertise is complementary with IUFN’s action and is relevant to the research topic selected. Both organisations agree on a working process, co-design the research-action project with concrete timeline and outputs. The results are diffused to a broad public, especially decision-makers. Huge importance is given to an innovative and user-friendly design of the program’s outputs. Indeed, these results are directly contributing to IUFN’s advocacy to national and international policy makers for the development of the city-region food systems alternatives. In their great majority, the IUFN’s ground programs are twofold, analyzing the current food system’s organisation and putting it in perspective with relevant alternatives on the city-region scale. 


on the governance mechanism of the food system in cooperation with IRG (Institute for Research and Debate on Governance). The IRG is an international forum for reflecting and making proposals on public governance, based in Paris with a branch in Bogota. The IRG works with networks of partners around the world with a pluri-cultural, cross-disciplinary, multi-actor and multi-scale approach. The IRG holds an ongoing debate on governance, opening new avenues for research and expertise and helping in the elaboration of public policies. It puts out training modules and publications and sets up forums for international dialogue.


IMG_3165GROUND PROGRAM ON LAND FOR FOOD PLANNING (webpage under construction)

on land planning for food in cooperation with AESOP (Association of European Schools of Planning – Sustainable Food Planning group). This program is concentrating on land on which our food system is based. It encompasses the land upon which the entire urban food system relies, from production, processing to food supply and waste treatment activities, so it covers even the challenges of the non-production areas. It is willing to highlight the link between land as natural resource becoming scarce and the complexity of our food system in terms of spatial needs.


Wishing to support this work and become an official donor for one of our ground programs? Each IUFN’s ground program offers the possibility for donors to get involved and become official supporters of the strategic working program selected. Through a partner convention the donor benefits from the communication campaign of the program, has its logo on all the relevant communication materials and press campaigns. The donors’ financial involvement helps to concretely and directly support the collaborative research work of IUFN as a non-profit organization and the outputs’ dissemination on an international level. To get more information, please contact us.

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